How to start online casino website

Use a virtual private server – VPS

One of the most reliable methods of bypassing the blocking of any site, including online casinos. For you it looks like a separate proxy server that you pay for by yourself at some casinos such as emu casino pokies site. It is clear that most people do not understand all the intricacies of the technical documentation and the configuration of such a server, so please contact technical support, where you describe the tasks.

It is on it that you will be able to install the client of any casino to play remotely. Do not forget to buy VPS only in those countries where it is allowed to play online casinos. This is particularly Spain Germany, Iceland. Disadvantages of this method in the lack of anonymity, the provider can easily see where you go from the VPS server.


Anonymizer – one of the oldest methods to bypass blocking any site. Nevertheless, it is still relevant today, because it is extremely simple to use. Open liked the anonymizer, in a large search box, enter the address of the casino, which we want to enter. After that, a new tab will open the desired page has changed your real IP-address. But that’s actually the end of all the advantages of free anonymizers.

First of all, you’ll notice at once a very slow transfer speed. After all, first anonymizer generates a page on your server, then gives it to you, showing a large number of ads at the same time. In addition, many anonymizers do not correctly handle Flash or JavaScript. Therefore, as a result, the casino will work poorly or even will be “out”. You will transfer your personal data through an unknown server, which belongs to nobody knows who, and all this happens without encryption. In particular, this threatens to lose your account password and, accordingly, the money or the deposit.

How to get to the casino using VPN

Bypassing casino blocking is safest with the help of a virtual private network “VPN”.  This means that you’re connected to a remote private network that can be created in any country in the world, and then go to the casino sites will be the IP address of the network. Using special encryption algorithms, you can bypass ISP blocking without any problems. No one will see what you’re transmitting or what sites you go to.

And thanks to the fact that there is “https encryption” for web traffic, you can’t find out the information you send, neither the VPN-service operator, nor your provider. This is the most reliable method of bypassing any blocking.

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